Carpet and Soft Furniture Dry-cleaning

General cleaning of premises which is executed by our specialists is often supplemented with the total dry cleaning of textile surfaces that allows to seriously increase the hygiene and attraction of the corresponding pieces of furniture.

As a rule, cleaning of offices and apartments almost always requires professional cleaning of soft furniture and carpets which our cleaning masters execute with the help of advanced technologies and equipment.

Cleaning premises with dry cleaning means perfect interior cleanness!

Today the following types of dry cleaning are used in the process of cleaning premises of different specification:

  • dry cleaning which includes the application of foams as stain dissolvent agents on the carpets;
  • humid dry cleaning with the usage of special equipment and washing agents;
  • intensive cleaning of ultimately dirty carpets at which each ingrained stain is removed with the most effective method;
  • vacuum dry cleaning with professional vacuum cleaning equipment which is used for the primary treatment of soft furniture.

General cleaning of premises is realized on the basis of the well-judged choice of the dry cleaning technology in each particular case.

In the process of dry cleaning only certified professional chemicals aimed at usage in residential units are applied. Powerful vacuum cleaners, industrial extractors and disc machines from the famous producers make it possible to clean the premises in the most efficient way.

Moreover, according to the research conducted, approximately 60% of dust appears as a result of non-cleaned carpets and dirty soft furniture, that’s why dry cleaning is a necessary stage of high-quality cleaning of offices, concert halls and apartments which allows to clean the air from harmful dirt, dust and pile particles.

Dry cleaning of soft furniture and surfaces is an effective part of cleaning.

If there are pieces of soft furniture and fabric floor coatings in the room, then only regular dry cleaning will maintain the correct hygiene background in the interior. Otherwise, everyone who rests, works or lives in such interior can suffer from allergic diseases and have problems with respiratory ways.

As practice shows, in the process of cleaning premises, such active cleaning allows achieving the following goals:

  • full reconstruction of the original aesthetics of soft  surfaces;
  • drastic mitigation of the environment;
  • elimination of harmful bugs;
  • minimization of disease risks.

Moreover, high-quality chemical cleaning prolongs the life period of cleaned furniture pieces whose structure is released from engrained garbage and dirt.

We offer you dry cleaning of fabric surfaces which is the highest standard of the high-quality cleaning which allows providing the client with the perfectly clean premises with clear fresh air.