Cleaning after repair

Professional cleaning after repair — this is the last point in a long, exhausting event called «repair», «construction» and «commissioning». And it is better to allow professionals to complete this process. The last stage of the repair or construction work sometimes less laborious than repair itself, so trust the cleaning of your premises is only reliable cleaning company.

It may seem that in cleaning up after repair is no big deal: take out the trash, sweep, wipe the dust, wash the windows and everything is ready! But since it is only in theory. In practice, it turns out that in 87% of cases, even a perfectly executed repair is spoiled somewhat awkward movements. Scratches on the walls and on the floor, stains on the furniture from trying to clean up the paint or whitewash, broken lamps and other such misunderstanding — these are the consequences of self-cleaning. Such damage can be avoided — just order a professional cleaning after repair cleaning company «DEN».

For different types of premises professional cleaning after repair it covers a range of activities that include:

  • cleaning facades and surfaces indoors in order to remove remnants of building materials
  • clean flooring using special equipment and modern chemicals
  • a thorough cleaning and polishing of mirrors, glass
  • cleaning panels and pipes, window sills, eaves, plumbing and ventilation system components, doors and moldings, as well as other decorative
  • elements of the traces of paint, debris removal
  • final general cleaning after each repair facilities using chemicals, tools and equipment used in professional cleaning.

If you know exactly what you want, you can order only a part of the cleaning work. But in any case we recommend to call on the object of our specialist for advice — it’s totally free, and to what does not oblige you.

Advantages of ordering cleaning after a repair company «DEN»

An integrated approach of our company has long proven effective in cleaning after repairs in Kiev, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov and other cities of Ukraine. Services offered in the area of ​​cleaning allows to eliminate any effects of repair and construction work, as the best solution for the owners of offices, homes, factories, shops, warehouses, logistics centers, government agencies and other organizations. Trusting cleaning after repair professionals, you get a room ready for operation at 100%.

High qualification of our specialists — a guarantee of efficiency and excellent results. Cleaning after repair performed by our staff, characterized by:

  • high efficiency operation without loss of quality
  • reasonable prices;
  • cleaning comprehensive «turnkey»;
  • technically competent use of different means and technologies;
  • thought-out workflow;
  • delicate handling of architectural and decorative elements, interior and exterior list of additional services cleaning services for premises and territories.

«Pitfalls» Cleaning after repair

Cleaning — not professional sphere of activity of workers of construction brigades, better trust the professionals in the field of cleaning. Worked at the facility construction crews in most cases perform only simple surface cleaning, without bothering about the appearance of the premises, the facade, the state of equipment, furniture, floor coverings, hoods, various equipment and decor. This is due to the lack of experience of cleaning work, as well as the proper cleaning equipment and inventory. Therefore, cleaning up after the repair of offices, industrial plants, business centers and shopping areas — a task for the cleaning company. Only professional cleaning companies have specialized knowledge, have in their arsenal of modern equipment and innovative chemicals for cleaning.

Where to order cleaning after repair in Kiev and other regions of Ukraine?

The scope of knowledge and skills of a cleaning company «DEN» — a professional cleaning. If you need to perform high-quality cleaning after repair, we will be happy to help:


offices and business centers;

banks and financial institutions;

industrial enterprises;

logistics centers and warehouses;

industrial enterprises, factories, shops and mills;

state bodies and public organizations.

We are also pleased to offer assistance in cleaning offices, etc. Order professional cleaning after repair, you can now simply calling the company «DEN» at the phone number (044) 206 02-12 or send us a request to the site, and the end of your repair will be perfect.