History of the company

27 November 2000 is the official date of establishment of the DEN cleaning company which later became widely known.

Quite often we hear from our business partners that the company has the interesting name and they wonder what it means.

DEN means professionalism, reliability and stability. It is a unanimous opinion of our company which was formed and strengthened already at the origins of DEN organization. The symbol of the company is a sailboat which is moved by the fair wind in the sea of business.  

Our company is proud of more than 10 years of experience, and during these years we have increased the quantity of employees and grown professionally, became experienced in the complex service of all types of premises. Indeed, experience comes together with years.

Everything that was achieved and obligatory will be achieved would not be possible unless the company had such a well-coordinated and professional work of all colleagues of the company.

DEN means primarily highly professional and experienced people, real cleaning masters, competent and responsible. Ambitions and commitment of each of these people means well-defined success of the whole team.

The quality of our service is also provided by the time-proved technological and administrative base. We cooperate with world famous companies which provide professional cleaning equipment, facilities and specialized chemicals. The employees of the company constantly improve their qualification level, regularly attend specialized trainings and take part in seminars.

DEN is always open for cooperation; the company has all the opportunities and potential to provide the whole range of cleaning services in the qualified and efficient manner.

Nowadays DEN cleaning company is a confident leader of the market, reliable partner and a responsible employer.