Cleaning means professional real estate care which is supported by modern technologies of cleaning and sanitary service of premises, facades and territories. Professional cleaning is a new but quickly developing type of service in our country.

A set of cleaning services is being constantly increased, and the business competition is no longer just the price competition: a professional cleaning company is also the supplier of operating supplies. It is the company which doesn’t only clean but also deals with the surrounding area, consults the client as for the optimal choice of finishing materials at the stage of the future office or cottage design.

In future it will help to considerably reduce the expenses of the operation of premises by means of increasing the operating life of covers and maintaining their ideal external appearance.

The main clients of our company are supermarkets and trade centers, industrial enterprises, transport and warehouse companies, medical and sports institutions, office and business centers, large international and Ukrainian companies, banks, state institutions, hotel complexes, entertainment objects (cinemas, clubs and casinos), railway stations and airports.

Benefits of the specialized cleaning services of the DEN company are defined with the following factors:

  • high quality of service;
  • herewith the service cost doesn’t exceed the expenses necessary to keep their own cleaning service;
  • cleaning company service expenses are taken away from the assessable profit;
  • cleaning company specialists execute exclusive and difficult specialized works (for example – crystallization of marble surfaces);
  • operational efficiency – cleaning is made during 1-2 hours at any time suitable for the Customer.

Criteria for the choice of the cleaning company are: prestige on the market, cost and assortment of the service provided, the level of equipment, technologies and chemicals used in operation, qualification of the personnel, the system of cleaning control.

Service packages are formed for each client individually. Having received the order, the employee of the DEN company makes a site visit and evaluates the volume of the forthcoming works. While calculating the service cost, such factors as the area, dirtiness, volume and list of work, premises passability etc are taken into consideration.

As a result the data as for the list of work, the quantity of employees, the schedule of cleaning, the duration of the cleaners’ shift are recieved. Taking this into account, the cost of the contract is calculated. As a rule the contract calculation is made for free.