DEN cleaning company offering its service guarantees the whole range of benefits:

  • Long-term experience;
  • Cleaning service expenses are netted off taxable income contrary to keeping your own cleaning department which involves tax payments and benefit-related deductions from the payroll;
  • The client is completely relieved from all worries and problems connected with the personnel (recruiting, training, search for the replacement personnel, salary / leave salary / sick leave payment etc.);
  • Usage of only professional, safe and certified chemicals and cleaning equipment;
  • The cleaning company takes upon itself the responsibility to provide washing and cleaning materials, necessary hygiene products and garbage bags in due time. Because of the purchasing at whole sale, the price of these materials is less expensive than usually. Moreover, the client is relieved from search and delivery expenses, storage expenses are seriously reduced in this case.;
  • Lack of expenses on purchasing the expensive cleaning equipment, and thus on its repair and replacement. It means that the cleaning company provides not only the staff but also the equipment (floor polishers, professional vacuum cleaners, cleaning equipment etc.);
  • Cleaning of the premises can be carried out at any time of day/night;
  • Permanent manager’s control on the object which guarantees consistently high quality of works;
  • Operational efficiency of the works execution. Our human and material resources allow us to start the work during 8 hours after your call and also to offer the clients the minimum deadlines for the works execution.