Daily complex cleaning

Business administration standards of nowadays presuppose maintenance oа industrial, operative and trade premises in ideal cleanness. Not everyone can perform qualitative daily cleaning.

Maintenance of own cleaning service at the enterprise is often inadvisable economically, that is why long-term contracts with special cleaning companies are natural for owners and directors of commercial companies, trade and office buildings, public catering institutions, cinema theatres and industrial enterprises.

Daily cleaning present the services of professional cleaning applying the special equipment, technologies and cleansing agents, carefully selected according to the given task.

«DEN» company is ready to offer responsible partnership in performance of daily cleaning of trade, office, industrial premises and adjacent territory. Our company possesses modern equipment, trained teams of experienced staff, effective and at the same time secure for people cleansing agents for washing and cleaning of different surfaces.

We offer the following complex of daily cleaning services:

  • indoors cleaning: wet and dry;
  • cleaning of all types of floor: wooden, parquet, linoleum surface, floor of natural and artificial stone (including the polish of marble and granite surfaces);
  • dry-cleaning of furniture and soft surfaces;
  • daily cleaning of washhouses and closets;
  • cleaning services of maintenance of adjacent territory including trash pickup;
  • cleaning and washing of frontispieces, windows and other vitrified constructions. We provide the services of professional industrial climbers.

It is very difficult to enumerate all works necessary for indoor and outdoor premises maintenance. Finish materials of this or that interior also play an important role.

That is why we prefer to clarify then and there all questions concerning the place of cleaning, the difficulty level, the surfaces to be cleaned and washed instead of making the customers read long lists of services.

Daily cleaning with «DEN» company provides good mood every day!

Choosing the partner for daily cleaning modern equipment is not the only factor, the qualitative staff is also very important. Our teams are equipped with professional cleaners with excellent experience and unblemished reputation.

We suppose that the employee of the leading cleaning company, except for his professional skills, must possess tact and be able to get along with people.

Our specialists will make the process of current cleaning invisible and light for both visitors and staff even in the rush hour in the supermarkets.

Daily cleaning in convenient time
We may offer cleaning services both in day and night time depending on the working schedule.

The working process won’t be disturbed, everything will be convenient, fast and professional. Co-operation with «DEN» company will help you to avoid any problems concerning maintenance of all highest standards of order at all types of enterprises, including the catering ones.

Please, contact (044)206-02-12 and order daily cleaning services, and your premises will be polished and cleaning starting from tomorrow!