Daily cleaning of logistics centers

Feature of storage space — it’s a constant stream. It works a lot of people constantly arrivals and departures trucks are brought and taken large amounts of various products. This continuous cycle is clearly not conducive to the preservation of cleanliness in the warehouse or in the logistics center. Maintaining cleanliness and absence of foreign odors in this room will help to ensure the safety of products, which is there. Therefore, to ensure cleanliness in these areas, it is advisable to hire a contracted professional cleaning company that can clean garantirovt permanent stock.

A feature of cleaning the warehouse or logistics center is its large size. Therefore, not all cleaning services can do such work and to cope with the high quality cleaning services. Cleaning company «DEN» has all the necessary resources. In our state, across the territory of Ukraine, the qualified experts. Regularly all staff are trained and certified. We have all the necessary harvesting equipment that will cope with the dirt on all surfaces warehouse. We also buy specialized equipment, professional cleaning and maintenance products. Since we have already more than a year serve various warehouses and logistics centers throughout Ukraine, our experience and resources guarantee you high quality services for daily cleaning warehouse.

Process daily cleaning of warehouses and logistics centers includes:

  • Garbage collection in the room and in the neighborhood;
  • Washing floors;
  • Removal of dust and cobwebs;
  • Washing lavatories and equipment supplies;
  • Sink incoming groups and others.

All of these services will help to ensure the purity of your warehouse or logistics center. Turning to the cleaning company «DEN», you can order a free consult with a qualified manager who will select for you a set of necessary services to ensure purity.