General cleaning of logistics centers

Logistics centers and warehouses — a room in which a certain time are stored various goods. Product to fall into the hands of the consumer or customer in an appropriate condition, without damage or contamination of the environment are supported by certain rules of storage of goods. In the first place, in a warehouse must be clean. Therefore, harvesting logistics centers or warehouses need to pay due attention. There is a false belief that such facilities can be themselves, and not try to clean up, because the boxes there is no difference, as far as is dusty or wet, in addition to the premises is still constantly call in huge cars that bring a lot of dirt on the wheels.

But it should not be. Because in order to keep the goods in good condition, you need to provide the proper level of purity, a constant temperature in the room, observe the rules of ventilation and many other nuances.

The purity of the stock will provide regular general cleaning in the process that eliminates odors, removes complex and stubborn dirt.

Logistics centers and warehouses — it’s basically a huge room with high ceilings and shelves are hard to reach. Spend cleaning them yourself is not possible, because you need professional equipment, which will be able to cope with such areas, will help to achieve remote places and spend a quality cleaning.

Therefore, if you have the proper meaning of the condition of the goods that are in your warehouse or logistics center, you should seek the help of a cleaning company.

Cleaning company «DEN» — one of the few companies that can handle the cleaning in any facility, including general cleaning logistics center or warehouse. To do this, we have all the necessary equipment, tools, chemicals and detergents. Our staff has experience at similar facilities, and we have many years of providing services to single and systematic cleaning of logistics centers and warehouses. Among our clients there are large international companies, and local businesses. So you can be confident in the professionalism of our staff. We guarantee you a great quality of cleaning.

In general cleaning services warehouse or logistics center includes the following work:

  • Washing and cleaning of floor coverings;
  • Their grinding and polishing;
  • Application protection for hard floor coverings;
  • Washing windows and other glass surfaces;
  • Cleaning of all surfaces from dust and dirt;
  • Disinfection of the premises;
  • Wash walls and others.

Cleanliness in the logistics center or warehouse — is the key to secure the conservation of products, so we suggest you regularly spring cleaning. Cleaning company «DEN»