Care for solid surfaces

Solid surfaces include granite, marble, ceramic tile, vinyl, parquet work, laminated flooring, PVC and other types of floors.

Due to intensive mechanical (wearing-off, shears, cuts) and chemical exposures (water, anti-salt reagents) any floor surface is worn out with the time. To prolong the operating life of the floor or to restore the lost floor shine there are special care methods.

DEN company provides the complex cleaning of any room which includes dry and wet floor cleaning, additional waxing, lacquer finishing, polishing or crystallization can be included.

Dry cleaning can be made by hand with the help of flat mops which collect and keep dust due to special fibers and unique structure or with the help of professional vacuum cleaners with special adjustages.

Wet cleaning of floor surfaces can be made by hand, mechanically or in a combined way. In case of mechanical cleaning professional floor scrubbers and wet and dry vacuum cleaners are used. Wet cleaning is made with the usage of neutral cleaning agents such as acid contrary to strong alkaline chemicals which can cause the damage of the outer layer and surface darkening.

Waxing and lacquer finishing belongs to protective measures for the floor surface care. As a protective layer polymer metal-coat emulsive polishes, primer coatings, special makeups on the basis of natural and synthetic wax are used. Such protective coverings improve the floor outward appearance and protect it in the process of exploitation and allow washing the processed floor coverings with ordinary water. Moreover, compositions preventing surface sliding are applied.

Waxing and lacquering process has three stages:

  • preparatory stage: clearing, degreasing and surface drying;
  • major stage: protective agent is applied upon the surface of the floor covering and then it is equally distributed over the surface;
  • final stage: the processed surface is polished.

After this process the protective surface layer requires the correct care (washing with special compositions, recurrent renewal). This covering is easily polished, has beautiful glitter and appeals to the eye. Such protection can be used for the marble, linoleum, vinyl, plastic, ceramic tile (not glazed), cement and even for asphalt, thus for the porous surfaces.

Stony surfaces (marble and granite) require special care. Despite the fact that stone is one of the most long lived natural materials, stony slab and other stony products require delicate handling and regular cleaning.

DEN company provides the following services to renew marble, limestone, mosaic floors, terracco, travertine, breccias etc.:

  • drop removal;
  • marble grinding;
  • marble polishing;
  • marble crystallization;
  • maintenance and renewal of joints and chips;
  • partial and full renewal of floors, walls, stairs, baths, columns etc.;
  • application of the protective covering

The aforementioned works can be applied to all exterior and interior, vertical and horizontal marble surfaces.

Granite renewal services include:

  • drop removal;
  • granite grinding;
  • maintenance and renewal of joints and chips;
  • partial and full renewal of floors, walls, stairs, baths, columns etc.;
  • treatment;
  • outer cleaning;
  • application of protective and anti-slip covering.