Cleaning industrial facilities

Industrial cleaning or in other words, professional cleaning of production facilities, includes cleaning and cleaning of production areas and facilities, as well as industrial climbing. In contrast to the domestic industrial cleaning has its own specifics. Each production there is a certain set of processes, production schedules, production of waste and pollution. All these factors contribute to a special type of cleaning.

The objects of industrial cleaning may make plants, factories, manufacturing as well as their individual functional structures.

Industrial cleaning not only uses professional equipment, and specialized equipment with high performance and durability, professional cleaning products that can better cope with the contamination. Just use the advanced innovative technologies cleaning.

The main task of industrial cleaning is the right choice of treatment method of the object and the most precise selection of professional cleaning products.

Cleaning company, «DEN» works in the industrial market (Industrial) Cleaning since 2000

The list of services includes a full list of companies in this area: cleaning of production areas (ranging from food processing facilities finishing metallurgical enterprises) including cleaning of process equipment, cleaning warehouses and logistics centers and more.

Our staff can carry out the work as a business and after hours, depending on the wishes of our customers.