Olga Freimuth evaluated the work of our company as «excellent»

In summer, the Ukrainian media reported that the company «Ukrainian Railway» invited well-known defender of consumers’ rights Olga Freimuth to check the «Intercity +» trains. Olga agreed to inspect the work of the train, but the date was kept in a secret.



On November, 19th 2014 at the screens of every TV in a country came out the 12th edition of the «Inspector Freimuth,» in which well-known anchorwoman conducted rigorous inspection of one of the new train of «Ukrainian Railway», plying on the route Kiev — Kharkov.

For the operating staff of the train, Olga Freimuth’ visit was a complete surprise. Almost everything inside the train has been a subject to thorough check: the anchorwoman checked the convenience of seats in the first-class, the quality of coffee and even cleanness of hands of the staff operating the train.

The meals offered on board for the travelers, received quite heavy critics from Olga.

The only thing that was highly appreciated by Olga Freimuth was a state of cleanliness throughout the train, which our company is responsible for. Together with an employee of the company «DEN» inspector Freimuth checked the WCs in the train and was pleasantly strangled seeing sparkling with cleannes of wash basin, dispenser of liquid soap and mirror.

Summing up at the end of the story, Olga noted that headrests in the train are regularly changed, WCs are all clean, so she doesn’t have any claims to the cleanness in the train.