Clear victory 1:0

At Saturday’s match the football team of DEN cleaning company converged in a fight with a team of cleaning company Impel Griffin.

DEN-n Impel Griffin

DEN-n Impel Griffin

Both teams started the game very carefully, watching the opponent’s tactics. None of the teams wanted to give away the victory. At the beginning of the match, the teams exchanged some pretty dangerous moments. During the attack, the DEN team played a standard angular momentum, which led to the goal at the opponent’s gates. The first goal in our favor brought Konopchuk Sergei.

During the game, there was a considerable number of fouls from both teams, though it didn’t went to a penalty. After a goal was scored, the DEN team gave the initiative in the hands of Griffin to conduct effective counter-attack. In response, the opposing team attacked hard, but our players confidently restrained from the rush and successfully protected the gates. By the end of the game desperate Griffins released their goalkeeper, but he also has not brought results.

By the end of the match DEN entered the Golden League and is ready to fight for victory in the championship.

DEN 1: 0 Impel Griffin

We thank our team for such a valuable victory, as well as the faithful fans of the team for the wonderful support!