DEN: C League winner title in our pocket!

The final is never easy. This  was completely felt by the teams of DEN and Profrembud that already had met twice on the field during the Championship 2014-2015. Both times DEN team triumphed over Profrembud, but this time at stake was the Champion’s title, so the game was going to be tough and exhausting.



From the first minutes of the match an opponent got to the pressure line, they attacked the DEN’s gate and opened the score of the game first. Soon, after a swift counterattack, the DEN team equalized the score. One minute before the end of the first half Profrembud team did a free kick which scored a goal against DEN, but the match referee canceled it due to a clear violation of the attack.

After that, on the field and the stands the tension had literally sang in the air. Nobody could predict further development of events but it was clear that both teams will stand up to the last.

In the second half our players were earning fouls one after another, and by the middle of the game the board showed 6 fouls. Respectively, each subsequent free-kick had to be punched from 10 meter mark. Fortunately, the players still took control over them and after a quick counterattack scored the second goal. Profrembud team attempted to change the game again, replacing goalkeeper by the 6th fielder, but the positive results of this reshuffle did not appear — DEN players literally rolled their winning goal in the opponent’s net.

After all the matches held on a long and difficult path to the victory DEN team became the champion of the League C with a score of 3: 1.

Big Thanks to all DEN players who got the coveted title and the cup, as well as to the fans for their loyally and support of the team in all matches!