Fabulous victory

This Sunday DEN soccer team once again came out on the field. At this time, our rival for victory was the team of BudmonsteR-Akvilon company. At the beginning of the match DEN tactically gave the initiative to the opponent, in order to act «number two» (transition from defense tactics to a quick counterattacks). However, mastering the initiative, the BudmonsteR team did not create dangerous moments, continuing to roll sluggish ball in the middle of the field. Then, the DEN team took an initiative into its hands, making indirect free kick combination which ended luckily with the goal. And immediately using the opponent’s mistakes, DEN team scored the second goal, after which both teams went on the brake.



In the second half of the match, the Budmonster team attempted to attack, but the DEN players held disciplined defense and scored one more goal to the opponent with fast counter-attack. Closer to the end of the match our team has implemented an excellent home-made free kick that led to a goal and «dry» victory of our team.

DEN result of the match 4: 0 BudmonsteR-Akvilon.

Heroes of the match were Severinenko Alexander (1 goal) and Sergey Konopchuk (3 goals).

We express our gratitude to all DEN players for the victory and BudmonsteR-Akvilon team for an interesting game.