How one should wash the car in the winter?

In recent years, car owners mostly avoid car washing service, preferring to provide the purity of the car by themselves. Somebody does this in order to save money, somebody likes to take care of their property by themselves, polishing shiny surface with cloth.

Wash the car in the winter

Wash the car in the winter

Car washing during the winter should be done carefully, with weather conditions noted — because of the difference in temperature in the external coating of the car, on the surface microcracks can be formed or the locks may be freezed so you’ll fail to open the door. Completely stop washing car in winter is also connected with negative consequences — the dirt, sand, and snow accumulate on the doors, wheel arches. All this may damage the surface of your car — the paint can change the color, varnish may lose luster, and the car itself will not sparkle clean and bright, filled with translucent spots.

If you decided to wash your car by yourself in winter, then make sure that the car is warmed, otherwise the water that gets into the gaps, can freeze. Remember that water used for cleaning should be slightly warm, as the use of hot water may damage the surface of the car and the paint may simply crack.

Under no circumstances should you try to scrub the dried mud out of the surface. To put off the dirt without scratches left, let it melt being moistened with water, and then wipe with a washcloth.

Wash the car, starting from the roofing — the water will flow down gradually macerating contaminated places. Headlights and license plate is better to wash with clean water, otherwise fine grains of sand can scratch the plastic brittle.

For washing the car, do not use washing powder, normal dishwashing detergent or a special car shampoo is much more efficient and soft.

After washing, open the motor hood, doors and fuel cap and pull the wipers on the glass, so that nothing had frozen because of the remained water drops.

Also it’s worth to handle locks with an aerosol grease and rubber seals on the doors – with a special layer of silicone grease.