Cleaning companies in Ukraine Why applying to cleaning companies in Ukraine, whose work in the purity area is a decade long or more, is more preferable, rather than novices? Cleaning companies »»»  »»»
«Bottle» surfboards Back in 2007, during a visit to Jamaica, Jairo Lyumerets — surfer from Brazil, designed a surfboard, using as the basis plastic bottles which strewn the whole coast. Returning to his homeland, Lyumerets with his friends decided to teach local children how having in the arsenal a number of plastic bottles to end up with a finished board. »»»  »»»
Recycling batteries in Ukraine — to be or not to be?! It is no secret that the batteries finishing their life in landfills, cause irretrievable damage to soil and water resources of the planet. Now, the countries in which the level of social activity is quite high, seek to correct this sad situation. There in addition to the separate collection of garbage are equipped collection points for toxic batteries that will be subjected to utilization. »»»  »»»
Caution — cleanliness! Experts from the University of Cambridge believe in hygiene hypothesis — that a lack of microbes in the human body can be a cause, provoking the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Caution — cleanliness! »»»  »»»
Loose wait by cleaning! If you find that put on some extra kilos, and your daily routines does not allow you to go to exercise classes, do not despair! It turned out, that routine household activities can be amazingly useful kilogram-burner. Scientists have calculated that a woman «runs» more than 30 (!) Km per year, just in the process of cleaning the house! »»»  »»»
7 plants that can clean the air in your home Did you know that the air in the apartment sometimes is more dirty than at the street, where it’s filled with car exhaust emission gasses?! Furniture made of plastic and wood chipboard, paint, linoleum, household appliances, various detergents and cleaning chemicals get «thrown» into the air of your home is the form of formaldehyde, benzene, nitrogen, phenol, ammonia, and it is not the... »»»
Desert City for the Planet In the footsteps of the famous architect of 70s, Paolo Soleri, 2 Architectural Design companies from France have combined their efforts for an unprecedented project — construction of a mega-city Arcology in the Sahara. Project Title — La Tour des Sables — means a «tower in the sand.» About 500 meters up — this high the city will grow over the desert sands. City-Tower... »»»
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