5 important tips that will change your attitude to the general cleaning

Autumn is time of general cleaning and preparation of residential or office premises for the long winter period. Typically, during the summer, indoors accumulate a huge amount of dust that needs to be removed before the winter comes, when the windows are opened rarely, to breathe inside freely and easily.

 steps to clean

Steps to clean

Typically, general cleaning requires a lot of time and efforts. To make cleaning easy and fast, you need to remember a few simple rules.

Firstly, you should evaluate the amount of work to be performed. Cleaning of the offices and residential premises are two different things, so the first thing is to estimate the volume and create action plan.

To not waste the time during the process of cleaning, looking for a mop, cloth or special cleaning agents, you have to prepare it all in advance. Surely you will need special liquids to clean the glass, for washing floor tiles, special microfiber cloth.

Remember the basic principle: cleaning is always made from the top down. Firstly, clean the chandeliers, lamps and curtain rods, ceiling corners, then clean the dust from the surfaces of furniture and only then you can start cleaning the floor.

Before you start cleaning, you need to do the sorting of clothes and shoes. All summer clothes need to be put in order, washed and wiped clean and put away until the next warm season.

If you follow these simple rules, cleaning of any complexity can be done easily and quickly. And be sure to remember that if for such an important case you do not have the time or energy, you can always apply the professionals from a cleaning company that will cope with the task effectively in the shortest time.