Anti allergens cleaning


Your home is your safest place. For each person house is a place where there is warmth and comfort, here we relax after a hard working day. And of course we don’t want to suffer from allergies at our home. Many people suffer such unpleasant disease as allergies from: wool, dust, fungus, acarides and more. Pathogens such as dust, fungus, acarides live in your house as permanent neighbors. Another common allergen is pets hair.


How to make the house safe, especially for people with allergies? It’s very simple to make periodically anti allergens cleaning. This is a great way to get rid of in a timely manner «provocateurs allergy» in the house.

This cleaning consists of several stages. Initially you must determine which types of allergens you have inhouse and find their “homes”. Fungus and mold are most often found in damp places: in the bathroom, the bathroom, the kitchen, windows and window sills, on old pipes and ducts, etc. Dust can be concentrated on the surface of furniture, upholstered furniture, on walls, textiles and ceilings, books, rugs and other decor elements. Acarides live in upholstered furniture, in some types of tree, etc. Pet hair settles on all possible surfaces.

house dust

Defining foci of danger, you can start fixing the problem. For cleaning all surfaces from pet’s hair, powerful vacuum cleaning will be enough to remove its remainders from remote places. Dust can also be eliminated with a vacuum cleaner with wet cleaning. But, for example, dust, deeply ingrained in upholstered furniture, carpet, can be removed only with help of chemical cleaning. Fighting acarides also requires dry cleaning, because these bugs can live deeply in furniture, carpets, mattresses, where using an ordinary vacuum cleaner is simply impossible. The hardest thing to deal with is mold and mildew, because its removal requires several milestones:

vacuum cleaning

— You need to remove the source of moisture (may need small repairs);

— Completely remove mold and fungus;

— Surfaces have special antifungal.

Eliminating the main sources of allergens in the home, you will increase the level of cleanliness and make your home cozy. But to make such a responsible activity, it’s better to apply cleaning by professionals! Refer to the cleaning company that provides antiallergic cleaning services.

Cleaning company «DEN» professionally conducts anti-allergenic cleaning in all areas. Protect your home!