Business owners face fines for uncleared snow

For non-cleaned out snow on adjacent territory of the State-owned enterprises, Kiev city Administration will force the owners of private enterprises to pay penalties.

Snow removal

Snow removal

According to the acting rules of providing of public amenities in Kyiv, the owners of organizations and enterprises, as well as public authorities are bearing responsibility for providing of public amenities on the adjacent territories. This concerns especially cleaning the territory from snow and icicles and removal of snow and garbage.

In the city there’s a Control mode status of cleaning the city from snow and icicles. Each district of Kyiv is divided into sectors. Each sector has its own inspector to monitor the purity of the territory. The inspector has the power to put penalties and fill in administrative protocols.

On November 23rd, at the time of the first snowfall on Kiev, were filled in more than 300 protocols concerning not timely cleaning off the snow on the adjacent territories of private enterprises.

The sum of penalty for individuals is UAH 1360, for entrepreneurs – UAH 1700.