Cleaning probiotics: what is it?

There are two main types of pollution: chemical and bacteriological. For removeing chemical contaminants as detergents, most commonly used solvents. To combat the pathogenic flora — bacteria that is commonly used disinfectants (substances that destroy all bacteria, both pathogenic and beneficial species), these are the cleaning of probiotics.

In essence, it means on the basis of live beneficial bacteria to eliminate pathogens, viruses, mold, fungi, pathogenic flora to normal natural way. It is harmless to human health microorganisms that are essential for a healthy biological media.

How do they work?

Surface to be cleaned and get active probiotic bacteria colonize it. They secrete a special substance — an enzyme that destroys the biofilm, leaving pathogens without protection. Actively reproducing, probiotics crowd out pathogenic bacteria in the natural course of the struggle for food.

It means the next generation, because they combine environmental friendliness and a high degree of cleaning.

Scope of application of detergent probiotics?

  • cleaning;
  • washing, cleaning items, which we use: dishes, furniture, appliances and equipment;
  • laundry;
  • maintenance of engineering systems at home: sewer pipes, ventilation and air conditioning, water treatment plants, septic tanks, local toilets.


Such funds do not apply to remove burnt.

Work only at positive temperature and up to +60 C.

Cleaning probiotics can not be used with other detergents and disinfectants.


In harvested areas eliminated the spread of infection. Conclusions microbiological tests confirm the extremely low concentrations of pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic microorganisms.

Cleaning probiotics — a combination of environmental requirements and economic benefits, which is combination of relevant in today’s world!

Elimination of unpleasant odors. During the first days of the harvest, when the means to get into all parts of the surface in sufficient quantity, will be eliminated sources of odors, and blocked the possibility of recurrence.

This is a fundamental solution to the problem in the bud, rather than replacing an unpleasant smell aroma of funds.

Contact with water after cleaning probiotic cleaning sewers provides an additional positive effect. Can replace regular strait specialized tools.

Consumption of resources is reduced with regular use.

The use of probiotics cleaning — a new area of man’s struggle with infections.