Choosing a cleaning company — how to avoid mistakes and find a reliable partner


Cleaning services in recent years has become increasingly popular among large enterprises in Ukraine. Banks, factories, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels are using more often services of specialists in this field. Typically cleaning companies offer a fairly wide range of services: cleaning of any complexity of objects of any size — from a small apartment or a simple carpet cleaning to cleaning facades of huge malls or general cleaning of the factories. Professional cleaning can be one-time, daily, or made ​​with a certain frequency.

Cleaning services only in Kiev can offer about 300 companies, and throughout Ukraine there are constantly opening small local businesses. How to choose a reliable cleaning company that could perform the cleaning service of high quality quickly and for a reasonable price?

Criteria for selecting cleaning company depend primarily on client’s needs. If the priority is low cost of services, you can choose a small local company that is willing to provide services for the lowest price. But in this case it’s necessary to understand all the risks: in such company employees do not always have a high level of expertise, in addition, certain types of surfaces or dirt need expensive equipment and chemicals, and in the arsenal of a newly-created and small cleaning company they may simply be absent.

In case, that the quality of service and long-term cooperation is a must, you should pay attention to several factors:  period of work of the cleaning company on the market, the possibility to review the recommendations of its clients to clarify standards of service and quality assurance.

In case when from the result of cleaning depends your success in business, you need to look for not just a contractor company, but for really trusted partner. For that you should first of all pay attention to a company that has many years’ experience in the field of cleaning, successfully survived the crisis and continues to be successful in the market. Such a company will not only provide open access to recommendations from their loyal clients, will make the audit of the object for free, but also can offer an optimal list of required services, basing on audit results.

Notice of status of client companies (large enterprises often conduct tenders, and if cleaning company won it, this is a measure of superiority among competitors). You can also search the Internet for reviews of the company’s services, and although you shouldn’t  trust 100% of them, to make the overall picture is quite real. It will be useful to hold a meeting in the office of cleaning company to talk personally with potential partners and understand the spirit of the company. Also, the condition of cleaning company’ office will tell a lot. Well, of course, the cost of service should still be competitive, overpayment  for single name of  cleaning company is not worth it.

Special attention should be paid to the choice of cleaning company if you need to clean the chain of objects, e.g. a chain of restaurants, shopping malls, supermarkets or banks. In this case it’s much easier to choose a multi-service cleaning company that works not only in Kiev, Kharkov and Odessa, but also in any other cities to ensure smooth cooperation. This factor is particularly important  if you want a regular eneryday cleaning. Cooperation with such company is a lot easier than to seek local companies for each object separately , besides , these services will be more cheap for you, as soon as the cleaning company will be able to offer discounts and bonuses for the amount of works.

Choosing a cleaning company, first of all, make a list of requirements that are important to meet and then start searching. Concept of purity of each of us is our own, and in a professional cleaning company there always exist quality standards and quality evaluation system. Once clear objectives will be established for the implementation of cleaning in the business center, shopping mall, or any commercial or industrial facility, try to find a company that will best meet your needs.

In addition, it is possible to estimate forehand, how much the company is attentive to the needs of its clients: convey your notes to the company representative and ask him to form several variants of cooperation proposals — for example, for different number of cleaners on the change and with the use of various detergents. And if provided suggestions really satisfy all your needs, this company most certainly could be a reliable cleaning partner for you.