Clean wallpapers


The market has a lot of new wallpapers, that are principally different from those wallpapers that were manufactured earlier based on other criteria. First difference – their look has been changed, second – manufacturing methods have been modernized, third – their functions changed because now it is possible to clean and wash them, but it should be done carefully.

There are different cleaning methods according to the material. For types of wallpapers such as linen, silk, corky and leather damp cleaning is often forbidden. If You are not sure that can You do damp cleaning, check it, so You will not damage the wallpapers.


It is easy. It is enough to wet with a cloth a small piece of wallpaper. If the wet area went dark or bubbled, it means that these wallpapers cannot be cleaned with liquid solutions.

More often we use wallpapers made from vinyl. They can be definitely washed, but You still have to be very careful. There are few rules that You need to follow.

First of all, if the wallpaper looks strong and water resistant, it is still better to not leave liquid on their top for more than 1 minute. Otherwise You will get damaged and discolored surface.

Secondly, while cleaning the walls that are covered by such wallpapers, You should carefully spread the detergents where sketches are. If You ignore it, wallpapers can unstuck.

Third very easy rule – You`d better not use abrasive and aggressive items for washing, because they can damage the surface.

For those types of wallpapers that cannot be wetted, it is enough to use the vacuum cleaner. For very dirty areas use a special upholstery paste, which You roll on a problematic area and wallpaper will be clean again.