Cleaning ceramic tile on the floor

There are two types of ceramic tile: glazed and unglazed.

Dalle is usually used for siding the walls, tabletop or floor. It is hard or partly glass surface.

Unglazed tile consists of natural clay, which is sometimes mixed with colorants. It can be used for covering the floor, walls tabletops.  Same type of ceramic tile should be taken care of more carefully compared to the simple tile.

For floor glazed tile You need regular vacuum cleaning to remove all the dirt and rough particles. You need to take care of it with a help of mop and sponge, damp it in nonabrasive detergent for house cleaning. It is better to use water solution with soap.

There is a huge number of detergents today which You can choose of to get the less toxic and dangerous one.  To save your health, You should always read and follow the instructions and recommendations from manufacturer on the tube.

If necessary, use the detergent every month, mixed with water for cleaning the tile, and pay a special attention to joints.

The solution for smoothing the tiles is a liquid, which is used for filling the space between tiles. But there are good and bad sides, it makes Your floor more pretty but can cause a problem while cleaning, because it`s very sensitive to some color elements which detergents usually consist of.

You should clean the tile immediately, if it has on it:

• Oil – with a help of solution with water and soda;

• Ink and colorants – with a help of household whitener;

• Blood – with a help of whitener or hydrogen peroxide;

• Coffee, tea, food, fruits, juices, cosmetics – with a help of neutral cleanser in hot water, and then with hydrogen peroxide or household whitener.

Use the sealer of silica few times per year for a high level of protection of Your ceramic surface.

If You break or damage the tile, it can be replaced. You can do it by yourself, cutting the solution between tiles and cement, nevertheless it is recommended to ask professionals for help.

There are some warnings while taking care of ceramic tile:

• dom’t mix NH3 with household detergents;

• avoid using aggressive detergents (for example, detergents with adding small particles of steel cuttings), which can cut or damage the top of Your tile;

• don’t use color detergents for taking care of unglazed tile. It has honeycomb structure and can absorb the color.

It is strongly recommended to test a detergent on a small spot of Your floor to check its incompatibility with a tile, before using it.