Cleaning offices and premises


Office is not just a premise where administrative personnel of any company works. It is a place where employees spend at least 8 hours per day, where take place different meetings with present and prospective clients, partners, employees and etc. Actually the office is a “home” of a company, which doors are always open to a big number of people. As every home, it should be comfortable and homelike. The cleanness in the office should be maintained every day.

That is why office cleaning is very responsible and important type of cleaning, and the image of company depends on the quality of its office look. “DEN” cleaning company provides office cleaning according to all criteria announced by the client. You can choose by yourself those cleaning services that are necessary to be done in the office, checking them in our list of services (гиперссылка

More often, in modern offices, there is carpeting on the floor or parquet, walls are painted or covered with wallpapers. Mostly all the offices have couches or armchairs, there are also a big number of computers and tables. Every office has bathrooms. That means there are a lot of surfaces, that are covered with dust or surfaces that need a special care in the office.

Specialists from our company (cleaners) have not only just knowledge but also have a huge experience in doing cleaning works all over Ukraine. They can clean, for example, not only the carpeting from stains but also can give some recommendations how to maintain carpeting good look. Also, “DEN” cleaners can not only do every day or general cleaning but they can clean shutters and stretch ceiling, recover the protection on linoleum or remove old stains. All these works are regularly done on different facilities, and You can know about the quality of service by reading our recommendation letters from our clients (гиперссылка

Surely, You can hire for every day office cleaning the charwoman, who will just do the cleaning every day, but in this case You will need to take care by yourself about buying the inventory, detergents, equipment and expendables for the bathrooms. Moreover, it is a risk that charwoman will not be enough qualified. And of course, You have to find a good charwoman and be sure to make her officially hired. All of that results in extra-spending of Your time, which could be spent for doing business.

That is why it is more convenient to call professional cleaning company which is able to organize quality every day office cleaning. Cleaning by “DEN” cleaning company will help you to minimize the periodicity of doing the general cleaning, and all the surfaces will stay in good condition and serve for longer time.

In “DEN” cleaning company all complex of services for every day cleaning is chosen  individually for every client, depending on premise size, materials for restoration, high-cross. We manage regular training and attestation of our cleaners, that is why their professionalism rises and the quality of our services match European standards.

Let our specialists make your office clean, call “DEN” cleaning company!