Cleaning the industrial carpet

Taking care of floor covering is very important because the results of high humidity and bad cleaning can cause fungus and mould.

Natural industrial carpeting should be cleaned with vacuum cleaner at least every 3 days. Damp cleaning should be done once in a month. Sinking into fiber, dirt usually works like abrasive material, which speeds up the wear out process before end of its term of service.

If the floor in the office is covered with industrial carpeting, we advice to put a special carpet before entering the office — dirt-repellent mat. Also, industrial carpeting should be cleaned regularly by vacuum cleaner.

Moreover, dry cleaning should be done two times a year.  We recommend to reduce the periodicity of damp cleaning because humidity can shrink the carpeting, same as sweater usually shrink after washing. If You want to do the damp cleaning, we highly recommend you to call the specialists who will clean all floor covering as it should be done. They are also able to cover the industrial carpeting with safe consistence for staying clean longer time.

This work can be done by professional cleaning company. The price for this service is affordable too.

There are also some traditional ways to get rid of impurities:

Spot types: fruit juice, tea, coffee, and some other beverages, spots of vegan origin.  

The way to remove: damp the spot with alcohol, mixed with vinegar, then wash off with water. Take 2 /3 of alcohol, 1/3 of vinegar.

Type of impurity: blood, egg.

The way to remove: get rid of leftovers, clean the spot with soap water, mixed with alkalis for 10%. Wash with 10% white vinegar solution. Wash off until clean.

Type of impurity: ink from ball pen, paint and liquid polish, tar, fat spots which have chemical origin.

The way to remove: sop up with fabric, that has been wetted in alcohol or turpentine solution. Don`t smoke, ventilate the room. Wash off the solution until clean..

Type of impurity: chewing gum.

The way to remove: freeze with a help of special solution, and divide it into pieces. Rinse with chlorinated solvent. Wash off with water until clean..

Type of impurity: ink.

The way to remove: first of all damp with regular water, then with soap water mixed with alkalis. Wash with 50% white vinegar solution. If it is necessary, wash with solution for corrosion removal. Wash off until clean.