Cleaning the office


Nowadays most offices of the companies need to be cleaned on everyday basis that is why cleaning service is one of the most popular. There are lots of people who visit the office every day and it is very important to give a good first impression of visiting the office. The good impression of the office depends on clean and not dusty rooms, floor, and neat furniture in the office.

It is hard to imagine that untidy and dusty office can look safe and modern. You should pay special attention to the cleanness of reception zone, because clients spend a lot of time in this premise.

People know that computers in the office are dust collectors and also the dirt from floor can be an agent which provokes allergy and length diseases.

To prevent a possibility of getting sick and to remove all the dirt from office it is enough to use comprehensive cleaning of the premise. Cleaning of the office includes few levels: cleaning firm surfaces (tables, office equipment, walls, windows, and etc.), chemical cleaning of any type of furniture (leather, soft furniture), and also washing a floor and a carpet. Professional washing detergents and special inventory is used while cleaning.

According to the client`s wishes, cleaning can be done even at night. Therefore in the beginning of a working day, workers and clients will appreciate a lot the cleanness of the office. All the staff from cleaning company DEN is regularly taking part in special studies to know how to choose right chemical detergents, and to do no harm for the objects that are cleaned. Employees from our company refer to their duties with a big responsibility.

If company has its own storages, they also need to be cleaned. You should pay attention to some peculiarities of cleaning warehouses, because on the floor or walls there could be many harmful and dangerous microorganisms, sometimes, mice and insects which damage the goods.

It is necessary to clean and to do the disinfection of premise. Probably, general cleaning  should be done: cleaning the lamps, high racks and ceilings. It is optimal to use the professional cleaning service, while a regular cleaning lady can’t clean the storage effectively.

Maybe, CEO can involve his or her own employees (loaders, drivers, storage manager) into the cleaning process, but this is not employees’ duty to clean the storage. And of course they probably do not know how to get rid of rodents, insects and inflammable spots on the floor.

Cleaning companies do comprehensive cleaning quite often that is why they use professional and the newest equipment: washing vacuum cleaners, floor scrubbers and sweepers. To have your office well-cleaned, call the cleaning company DEN.