Eliminate the blockage in the pipe quickly and economically

To avoid clogging the gutters, it is sometimes necessary to carry out preventive measures.

Soda, salt and vinegar will help!

Soda, salt and vinegar will help!

However, if you failed to avoid the clogging of sewer pipes, you can cope with the trouble with the help of a few simple and affordable ways. Besides, all the ingredients are certainly there in your house:

I recipe:

1 glass of baking soda

1 glass of salt

1 glass of vinegar (white)

Bailed out the water from clogged sink or bath. Next, spread there a soda, salt and vinegar. Let that all stand for 10 minutes so that there began a chemical reaction and afterwards pour a glass of hot water (boiling water is the best). The mixture shall not only eliminate the clogging of the pipes, but also remove an unpleasant smell of the dirt inside.

To combat the remnants of food, fat and oils which fell into the sewer hole, we have another great recipe!

II recipe:



lemon juice

Mix in equal proportions the salt and baking soda, spread it in a clogged drain and pour the lemon juice (the more – the better). As in the 1 recipe, wait a while and add the boiling water.

III recipe:

¼ glass of salt

½ glass of white wine vinegar

¼ glass of sodium borate (borax)

Mixed ingredients are poured into the pipe, and then add the boiling water in large quantities.

These economical and yet effective methods of «treatment» of a blocked sewerage will certainly become true helpers in your home.