Fuel from fallen leaves

The second half of the fall is the time of the fallen leaves. We all love beautiful golden carpet in parks and forests. But fallen leaves is not always that romantic. Less pleasant or even dangerous the might become, when it starts raining, so the beautiful golden carpet becomes slippery which is not very pleasant and safe to walk on. Therefore it’s preferable to collect and remove dead leaves. The easiest way is to order these services from specialized cleaning companies that provide regular collection and disposal of these leaves in landfills.

Fallen leaves

But British entrepreneurs have gone much further: they implemented the project of processing the leaves into fuel. According to their calculations, every autumn shed about 1 million. tons of leaves. It is almost impossible to collect them all for using as a raw material for fuel, but even a small part of the fallen leaves, recycled into fuel, can help the environment.

Collected leaves are dried carefully and strongly compressed, so the whole bag of leaves results in the only one «log». Each such a «log» contains about 70% of leaves and 30% wax, which helps it not to break up, burn for long and well lit. As a result, the logs of leaves burn much better than their wooden counterparts. One log is capable to burn for a few hours, while it produces virtually no smoke (only at the beginning and end of combustion); produce a large amount of heat and almost leaves no traces of fire. Logs from the leaves can be used for campfires at a picnic, for heating private houses, for fireplaces.

Leaf log

Fallen leaves can not only decorate autumn parks and gardens, but also have a very practical application. Cleaning company «DEN» hopes that such projects will soon appear in Ukraine. In the meantime, we offer professional cleaning of adjacent territories with collection and removal of leaves.