Garbage collection on Earth orbit


The problem of excess waste in the world has found a planetary character nowadays. From debris is suffering not only our planet, but also the Space. It would seem that the place in space is abound, but today, on the orbit of the Earth fly tons of garbage. NASA employees had developed an apparatus for cleaning waste, coming from orbital human activity. Actually, the idea of creating such a device appeared a long time ago, because the number of orbiting debris had been increasing rapidly. Principally, building a «space janitor» is not very difficult; the main problem is to come up with ways to capture the remnants of satellites and other objects in the Space.

Previously, scientists have suggested to use for such tasks ionized gas: his jet can blow debris from orbit, using the electric propulsion. But that type of cleaning is very expensive. This method works to collect only a few dozen of fragments of satellites, and the launch of the «janitor» itself will cost lots of money.

Cleaning the Debris on the Earth Orbit

Scientists from NASA, in particular, Mark Metni, suggested to useinstead of ionized gas the low-density gas from the lower layers of Earth’s atmosphere. Its use will increase the supplies of fuel for orbital cleaning machine in a way, that it could run almost unending. Developers only need to take care of durability and reliability of the materials and components of such a device, so that it can stay in orbit for a long time.

And while scientists invent modern methods of debris elimination from the Earth’s orbit, only in 2013 the number of objects in its orbit has increased by more than 200 (!) satellites and various garbage. Therefore, it is time to move from theory to practice.

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