How clean the blinds

The story of this simple subject, like shutters, dates back to the XVIII century and has an unusual etymology. There is a word «blind» from the French word jalousie — «jealousy». It is assumed that the history of this name goes back to the traditions of the

East, where men are jealous of their women hidden from prying eyes. Shutters are ideally suited for this purpose: passing light, they hid the charms of women from the prying eyes of men walking down the street. Whatever the ancient history was not, wash the blinds in the home is still a problem.

To begin with, what they are made of different materials:

  • wood blinds;
  • fabric;
  • plastic;
  • bamboo blinds;
  • venetian blinds made of plastic like tree;
  • aluminum;
  • photo-blinds (with drawing images);
  • roller, vertical, horizontal pleats and (this is the type of opening / closing).

Wood does not like water, despite the fact that the lacquered, wooden shutters so it is best to regularly vacuum. For wet cleaning of blinds lay on the floor and gently wipe with a cloth well wrung out of soft tissue. To care for the fabric, do not use detergents. They leave stains and spots. Simple and practical advice — most vacuuming!

Or, analyze them, wipe with a damp towel in the bathroom. Plastic and aluminum blinds can be wiped clean with a cloth soaked with water and detergent for dishes.

If there is a need for a thorough cleaning, the best address in Specialized cleaning companies who are professionally and financially available to do this job.