How to do cleaning easier. 10 simple tips

Bacteria on kitchen sponge can be killed by using a conventional microwave oven. Simply wet the sponge and put it in the oven for 2 minutes.

Сleaning - it is easy

Сleaning — it is easy

-Two-sided grill is easy to clean with wet paper towels. Simply unplug the grill after use and push the cover at paper towels — they will absorb the whole fat deposits, and the you can just wipe the grill to dry.

-It’s well known that alcohol kills bacteria forming odor. So, with the help of the usual vodka you can easily refresh the mattress or pillows. Spray alcohol from to the surface of the mattress and leave it outdoors. Third-party odors will disappear as it dries.

-You can clean out the dishwasher using a standard vinegar and baking soda. Put in the upper compartment of a dishwasher the container of vinegar, sprinkle at the bottom a bit of baking soda and run the machine to work at the maximum temperature.

-Old and popular advice for drying shoes is using newspapers. Twist the paper roll and tuck it in wet shoes, they will absorb any moisture. However, you need to change the newspaper every half an hour.

-How to remove the bad smell of shoes? Shoes can be cleaned from the inside with a cotton pad soaked in hydrogen peroxide. Or use a regular baking soda — sprinkle baking soda in a cloth bag, put it into the shoes and leave for overnight.

-Clean the blender after use by the water and a drop of detergent. Pour detergent into a blender with water and turn it on. After, rinse the blender under running water.

-If you break a glass object, the small fragments of glass can be picked up easily with a piece of bread that will absorb even the smallest pieces of glass.

-If on the surface of the furniture remained white marks from cups or plates, simply wipe it away from moisture and blow dry for the traces to disappear. However, it should be done quickly.

-For cleaning the bath use the fresh grapefruit. Just sprinkle on half of the fruit a little bit of salt and rub the problem areas with it. The blast will disappear, and the bath will get the fresh scent.