In London an “organi

Ecological house made up from garbagec skyscraper” soon will appear. This eco-friendly giant will be completely built from recycled waste. The residential tower will be built of plastic, of course, recycled. After construction of the «skeleton» of the building, panels will be sheathed by 100% recycled materials — paper and plastic.

That’s interesting, that the construction of a skyscraper won’t be completed at once. After erecting its first part, the rest of the floors will be finished with building material of the waste that will come from dwellers of the built apartments. The building will be constructed on the basis of cells; its structure is just like Asian forest bamboo. Plastic structural timber will spread and eventually will be covered by the new panels.

As a result, the skyscraper will have a pyramidal shape. Finishing of crystalline and translucent materials would perfectly pass a natural sunlight, but also will protect dwellers from an overabundance of it. Moreover, the building will independently generate electricity from turbines located in the hollow tubes.

Such an interesting, self-sustainable and 100% organic house will be a truly innovative construction of a residential complex made of secondary raw materials. Today, the main trend of the construction becomes environmental friendliness, because using recycled materials not only preserves the environment, but also helps to use the excess non-decomposable waste.

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