How to clean carpeting in a hotel?

Textile coatings are one of the main components in hotel design. More than half of all floors in hotel rooms, corridors, restaurants and even reception in some hotels are covered with carpets or carpeting. Different composition, quality and level of durability are used.

In addition, in different zones are not the same level of permeability, therefore, are different dirtying level. A very limited time is assigned for cleaning up the carpeting in hotel so as corridors, halls and stairs cannot be extended for a long time. And conducting a general cleaning in the presence of hotel guest is not accepted even in the most backward hotels.

For the beginning, learn the basic methods and technologies of caring of the carpeting. We will analyze pros and cons of each.

“Dry” vacuum cleaning.

Daily cleaning by a “dry” vacuum cleaner is the most simple, common and necessary method. Vacuum with a capacity of 1100-1300 W is suitable for everyday use. Your vacuum will work continuously at least 8-10 hours a day. Consequently, the chosen machine you should endure this mode for several years.

When cleaning carpets and carpeting with high pile, you can enhance the power of a vacuum by a special turbo-electric toothbrush. This device allows to comb and at the same time beat the carpeting out.

In Ukraine, vertical cleaners are widely spread as it is the most appropriate model: “electro-brush+ absorption”. The main weight of vacuum is directed on the brush for achieving its better adhesion with the cleaning surface so there is no need to press the brush by hand. Besides, such a design is more convenient for transportation.

There is also another type of vacuum cleaner such as knapsack. It has no match when vacuuming stairs, bars, restaurants, conference halls with lots of stationary seats, etc. Knapsack vacuum is simply irreplaceable for hotels with 20-40 rooms located on several floors, with lots of stairs and for ones having no back rooms.

Moreover, some manufacturers equip such device with a turbo-brush. One noiseless vacuum for every 10-12 rooms, plus 1-2 knapsack cleaners must be considered for normal hotel functioning.

Unfortunately, only dry cleaning is not enough. Dirty stains appear on paths sooner or later. Here begins the most difficult phase. Methods for thorough cleaning are few and we’ll briefly consider each of the.

Foam treatment by single disc polishers.

The most effective and cheapest method – is foam treatment by single disc floor polishers. The prepared solution of carpet shampoo shall be applied on cleaning surface by using sprayer or directly from the tank of floor polishers.

After that, with the help of single disk machine we rub the detergent solution into the carpet with circular motions. Right after that we collect the foam and suck the moisture by water vacuum cleaner. The more powerful vacuum – the less time is needed for dying the surface.

However, the walk on cleaned carpet is forbidden for twelve hours. Thorough cleaning with dry vacuum is needed after complete dying of surfaces.

This method is the most effective for removing dirt and the most economical from detergent consumption perspective. But well-trained specialist is indispensable for successful application of this technology. Managing the disc machine is quite specific work, especially in narrow corridors and small rooms. Dirty scum shall be sucking preferably right after cleaning. We need two people: floor-polisher and dust-cleaner to get the best quality. Consequently, on the one hand, this method allows you to save money.

At first, small flow of detergent is used and secondly, the equipment itself is a bit cheaper than other methods. But on the other hand, more trained staff is needed; the procedure of cleaning takes more time. As a result, for general cleaning one floor of the hotel has to be closed for one day.

Dry foam.

The following method is so-called “dry foam”. A particular solution is applied by special generator from which the foam has only 10% of moisture content. The surface dries after 1-2 hours. This technique is the best for cleaning upholster furniture among considered above.

Unfortunately, the cost of a foam generator and carpet-machine with such a function is high and the assortment of “dry foam” concentrate is limited. Sometimes any carpet shampoo is used for getting necessary effect, considering the effect of foam generator. But the result of this initiative is not as good as expected to be.

This method is less efficient for stubborn dirt then previous one. In spite of this it is more appropriate for hotels thanks to its short drying time.

The cleaning products.

Many well-known cleaning products are provided by different manufacturers on Ukrainian market. Each manufacturer has its pluses and minuses, different variation, different price. The only advice, it is necessary to use detergents with a view of their intended purpose. Do not use products not intended for cleaning textile surfaces so as it may ruin a carpet or the used equipment.

Using household stain removal is not always justified (in spite of their low cost) because it is not as common to deal with such contaminants in daily life as in hotels. Liquid shampoos are best for using for carpet-machine. Soluble powder can be used for single-disc machine or the extractor.

Additional water rinsing of carpeting is required for removing residual detergent if cheap detergents are used. By using more expensive shampoos, the detergents remaining particles crystallize after dying and they can be easily removed with dry vacuuming.

The detergent particles may still remain in carpeting after cleaning which can lead to rapid re-soiling. Thorough cleaning with good equipment makes it possible to clean less often and, respectively, prolong a great appearance of textile coating.