How to choose leather furniture and take care about it

Recently, people are increasingly giving priority to leather furniture. And it is not surprising, since these products combine the grace and style (not only classical), have good strength, wear resistance, the possibility of long-term operation. A huge palette of colors and textures to satisfy the most fastidious tastes.

For sewing furniture is mainly used by large and small skin of cattle, but you can also find more exotic kinds: leather stingray, eels etc. After candle – cut lengthwise into four layers, processed and used ror some stuff (created various pieces of furniture, interiors, clothing, etc.). How not to make mistakes and choose a quality leather product? Here are some advices:

Do not buy leather product only in the catalog, be sure to check it by your own. You can determine the quality and odor. If it is stale, nasty, mean, in the processing technology has been broken. Such material will be bad forever. Important tactile sensation: put your hand on the leather surface — high-quality material in a few seconds became warm like your body temperature, poor skin leaves a sensation of coolness.

The skin also has different categories:

The top layer — this is the first look. Sturdy, thick and soft leather with a natural pattern. Through the pores in the upper skin is better «breathing», it is more durable and elastic.

The second layer of skin, thin and soft. May have an artificial figure.

The third category — a thin and tight skin.

The fourth category — the inside of the skin adjacent to the fatty layer, thick and hard, after deformation are characteristic folds. Work with the skin of this category is difficult enough, but to make her furniture looks unusual.

The difference in price between the 1st and 2nd category of skin is 7-20%. Between 2nd and 3rd — 30-40%.

When you make your purchase, pay attention to detail, especially at the seams. They should be neat, straight lines. That seams are the first indicator of quality. Many manufacturers deliberately make a whimsical fancy stitches that are not so easy to play. Sophisticated, accurate seam — a sign of quality. Furniture made of leather, stitched double seams, is more expensive.

Also, high-quality expensive furniture usually has a mechanism of transformation: the «French cot» and not intended to be that it will often sleep — it’s all the same «guest» option.

After the purchase is necessary to reflect on the care of the product. It is quite easy and not time consuming seeds. Skin is a natural product, respectively, to care for him you should as well as for any other. Apart from the usual soap solutions prepared to wipe their own, special cleaning agents.

It is better to use just such a professional chemistry. Do not skimp on skin care, because it is a guarantee of its durability and beauty.

Wipe furniture is not less than once per month in this way:

1. Clean the entire surface of the vacuum cleaner, pay special attention to joints and seams. Be careful when you make cleaning with brush — you can easily scratch the skin. In the absence of a steam cleaner you can use a soft brush or hand vacuum cleaner home with a small nozzle.

2. There are many special tools for furniture care and stain removal. Combine this tool with the right amount of water. Shake the solution until the rich foam (according to the instructions).

3. On an inconspicuous area furniture solution try to avoid another unwanted spots. Wait for a while. If all is well, go ahead.

4. Non-rigid sponge or cloth, apply a solution of (foam) on the skin and a light circular motion rub it. The emphasis put on the seams and joints. Do not overdo it, because the skin can be scratched.

5. Wipe the skin with a wet washcloth with pure distilled water, completely removing the remnants of the foam.

6. Give the furniture to dry.

7. Terry cloth rub your skin a special conditioning. It will give your skin shine and extra protection.

The people’s councils, which can be used to care: to give a shine, you can wipe the leather furniture beaten egg whites or milk.

If you have to show serious stain, you can take help from a professional cleaning companies, which are «DEN» «. If you work independently, follow these steps:

To clean leather, on which there is no contamination of lipid origin, used sponge or cloth soaked in warm solution of mild detergent (shampoo, liquid soap). If you need to clean leather items with fat stains, it uses the more powerful in it is impact and a mixture of compounds. To clean the dark skin, it should be treated with a mixture of carbon tetrachloride or diethyl ether with turpentine. To clean the leather of fair skin using a mixture of gasoline and white chalk powder (after drying the powder can easily be cleaned with a brush).

Important note: to clean the skin can not be pure gasoline. Never use cleaning leather furniture chemical solvents, stain removers, and other aggressive substances. Never use cleaning leather furniture abrasive materials — powders and pastes.

If the furniture is stuck gum, apply ice to the area. Wait until the gum hardens over time and scrape it some blunt object. Pre-ice — put in the package!

Mud stains, coffee or tea on the leather surface should be removed with a soft damp cloth. Remove dirt from your skin to help with water and natural soaps.

Very often the question arises — and how to bring the spot of a ballpoint pen or felt-tip pen, left after artistic quest to be children? Traces of the handle removed using tape. Glue it on the stain, squeeze and pull closer to one another. Various traces of the markers are removed with rubbing alcohol and cotton wool, followed by treatment with stearic sponge. Or use special tools.

If you do not want to venture into the cleaning of furniture, you can always ask for help professional cleaning company, for example, «DEN», which will help you quality to take care of leather furniture.