Mediterranean-sized Cleaning


The all-familiar cleaning could be done in truly gigantic proportions, such as the seaside!

Mediterranean region, which has dozens of countries on the coast, is one of the world’s most popular vacation spot. Annually millions of tourists come there. Because of so many travelers, for example, the number of microplastics exceeds the amount of plankton in the water. The authorities of individual countries, of course, try to maintain cleanliness at its beaches, not to lose the flow of tourists. But cleaning the entire coast, especially those areas that have no commercial interest (wild beaches, rocky coastline, where you can not swim, etc.) is difficult.

Mediterranean coast

Just recently the public organization “Let’s Do It! World” decided to save the Mediterranean. On May, 10th and 11th, 2014, activists from 20 countries purified this vast territory within the project «Let’s Do It! Mediterranean».

Movement “Let’s Do It! World” was launched in 2008 in Estonia. Then by 50 thousand activists were harvested 10,000 tons of garbage in the woods, along roadsides and in urban areas. And although the campaign lasted only 5 hours, its results were revealing, due to the amount of people participated. Since then, the organization has held more than 200 similar events around the world.

Worldwide garbage collection

Cleaning the Mediterranean is planned to be held annually, until 2018. Activists want to clear this very popular tourist region, returning its natural wealth of flora and fauna.

It should be noted that cleaning of such magnitude has never been accomplished before. It is rightly one of the largest international cleaning projects. Such projects are to show us that a better world is possible, especially if we combine our efforts.