Orchard and a children’s garden in the center of Kiev


Very original replacement of a waste dump appeared recently in the center of Kiev. At St. Michael’s Street, instead of an abandoned waste landfill, which for several years had been a so-called «decoration» of one of the courtyards of the street, sprung an orchard in the memory of «Heaven’s hundred». The territory of a half-hectare was assumed for the construction high-rise building, but the project still was not realized, so the land had been pelted with garbage, overrun with couch and has become a shelter for homeless animals.

garden refinement

Activists also turned an unfavorable ground plot into a cozy garden near the house. Fruit trees and bushes, gooseberries, raspberries, apples, apricots, cherries are already planted. In addition, in the garden will grow limes and oaks.

On this an initiative of citizen does not end. There are also plans to organize a children’s potage — it will be the first public garden in Kiev, where the kids can learn by themselves to land plants and care for them.

planting trees

Gray fence securing the garden, is decorated with posters of unexpected Shevchenko’ images (Shevchenko-policeman, Shevchenko-Elvis Presley, Shevchenko-Superman and others).

This original method of refining Kiev yards can be a great example to follow. Remaking dump into orchards – isn’t it the best gift ever for your beloved city and its residents? We hope that such initiatives will propagate, and not only in Kiev, but also in the whole Ukraine. «DEN» cleaning company is ready to support good initiatives for the sake of greenness and cleanliness of our beloved city.