Our computer is our fortress


In modern world people spend a lot of work or leisure time being in front of the computer. It made a PC almost a vital part of our life. When it has become our everyday part, it needs the same as furniture or household appliances to be cared of, cleaned and dusted.

Watching Your screen, You can notice finger prints or dirty stains, under keyboard – chips, hair, stains from spilled coffee some time ago. It is easy to fight all these impurities. Here is an instruction for cleaning the PC.

To start Your work You should turn off the computer and plug it off.

1. The screen

You can use special wet napkins or special cleaning fixture for the screen, but it is not always possible. Cheaper and easier will be to take a piece of terrycloth or a cloth for cleaning the glasses, damp it with a warm water and thoroughly clean the screen then wipe it again with a cloth to make it dry.

Never clean the screen with alcohol, because some of screens have a special High Gloss cover which can be damaged. Using alcohol for the liquid-crystalline screen can cause fatal effects.

2. The keyboard

To clean the keyboard effectively you should take out the keys first. Before cleaning better make a picture of Your keyboard, so You will not forget their order. Put all the keys in the plastic pocket and add a bit of washing powder and shake it. Clean keys for a few minutes and put on the towel for drying with the hair dryer.

For those whose keys cannot be taken off, it is enough to wipe them with duster or special napkins. Never add water straight to the keyboard. But computer mouse can be cleaned by everything, just do not overdo with water.

3. The base unit

If inside the base unit you can see a lot of dust, vents become more noisy and computer gets overheated because of bad cooling while doing a big tasks and can even stop working. Before You start cleaning, check again did you plug off the computer. Take off all the cables, unbolt and take off the side covers. Take any kind of brush and remove the dust and vacuum out the biggest rags of dust.

After that free all the slots, so You will not break them and clean all the free spaces. While vacuuming the coolers, it is recommended to stop their moving or disconnect them from card. When You have finished the cleaning, put all details back.

The screen should be better cleaned once a week, computer mouse and keyboard — every month, and the processor unit — every half of the year.