How different signs of the zodiac put out the garbage If Aries suddenly founds in his home a bag with garbage, it all will result in a general cleaning. One half of the things would be put neatly in the wardrobe and on the shelves, and the rest will go in the trash. By the way, after making a total purity in the house, he will find in the far corner that very package, from which it all started. The appearance of package, full of garbage will offensively... »»»
GiraDora — mechanical washing machine Many people know that for those living in poverty such familiar things to all residents of the developed countries, as electricity and household appliances, is a luxury. Thus, for the residents of Peru (and not only) the hand washing is still relevant, especially in families with many children. The housewives in these families are hand-washing up to 5 times per week and about 6 hours (!) per day. Washing... »»»
Portable air quality sensor checker If you want to find the area with the cleanest air, then you need of TZOA, the compact and very useful portable sensor which is testing the quality of air. TZOA »»»  »»»
«When your dog has done its job, do yours» Having become a proud owner of a pet, particularly the dog, you’ll get not only the never-ending joy in the house, but also social responsibility. Dogs need training, good care and The purpose is simple — clean streets! »»»  »»»
Disinfection by GermFalcon Each day, hundreds of airplanes of various airlines carry a huge number of travelers to all places on the globe. During the flight passengers eat, drink, sleep, and are free to move in the cabin. As a consequence, all surfaces in the cabin, and mostly, chairs, pens and luggage racks are covered by millions of germs of all kinds. And the’s no difference, is this an expensive air carrier or lowcost;... »»»
Air Conditioning is a danger lurking in every office Most office workers spend at work most of their time. Recent research of a human resources portal showed that office staff started to increasingly turn to doctors with complaints of general physical malaise and chronic fatigue. This is not surprising. Regardless of where people are working — in a large, bright room with panoramic views or in a small office without windows, all office staff are... »»»
Let’s look at the world through the clean windows   Specialists of the cleaning company «DEN» can clean your windows professionally, ​​but if you want to do everything yourself,  the experts of “DEN” mobile brigade prepared recommendations for simple and effective cleaning of windows, «according to all rules.» »»»  »»»
How one should wash the car in the winter? In recent years, car owners mostly avoid car washing service, preferring to provide the purity of the car by themselves. Somebody does this in order to save money, somebody likes to take care of their property by themselves, polishing shiny surface with cloth. »»»  »»»
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