5 important tips that will change your attitude to the general cleaning Autumn is time of general cleaning and preparation of residential or office premises for the long winter period. Typically, during the summer, indoors accumulate a huge amount of dust that needs to be removed before the winter comes, when the windows are opened rarely, to breathe inside freely and easily. »»»  »»»
Fuel from fallen leaves The second half of the fall is the time of the fallen leaves. We all love beautiful golden carpet in parks and forests. But fallen leaves is not always that romantic. Less pleasant or even dangerous the might become, when it starts raining, so the beautiful golden carpet becomes slippery which is not very pleasant and safe to walk on. Therefore it’s preferable to collect and remove dead leaves. The... »»»
The water in the pool without chlorine is real! Despite the swimming season at open air is over, citizens still have an access to public pools all year round. As you know, in all swimming pools for cleaning is used chlorine — a substance which helps to disinfect water. On the one hand, we can clearly see the pros in the purification of water by chlorination, but swimming in such water is not very beneficial to the human body — this water... »»»
Run after two hares to catch BOTH According to the rating of the most polluted cities in the world, 6 of the 10 «ecologically dangerous cities» are situated in India. Smog, dust, dirt is a standard air composition in India cities. In addition, the vast population of the country absorbs oxygen, giving back carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. »»»  »»»
Toxic household chemicals   Household chemicals have long been best friends of every woman in household cleaning. Every lady has several bottles with different cleaning means in her house. The labels on these bottles promise to wash and clean off any dirt. But in the pursuit of purity, we sometimes forget about the dangers that can present these «wonder means». »»»  »»»
In London an “organi Ecological house made up from garbagec skyscraper” soon will appear. This eco-friendly giant will be completely built from recycled waste. The residential tower will be built of plastic, of course, recycled. After construction of the «skeleton» of the building, panels will be sheathed by 100% recycled materials — paper and plastic. »»»  »»»
Landfills displace people from cities In the process of increasing urbanization, population growth and rising consumer demand, companies produce more and more goods, which sometimes are completely useless or have a short time of use. In big cities one resident creates, on average, 300-380 kgs of waste per year. The average Ukrainian creates 200-250 kgs. Several years ago, the British newspaper “Financial Times” called the Ukrainian... »»»
The cleanest country in the world   Where nowadays live is safe? Which countries promote ecology and health-living? Not only people, but also scientists from around the world continue asking these questions. To answer them, the annual rankings of the cleanest countries in the world are accomplished. The environmental situation in 140 selected countries was analyzed for a variety of criteria: water quality, soil contamination levels,... »»»
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