Penalties on Pledge of Purity!   Everyone understands how important it is to maintain cleanliness, not to throw away litter in the streets and to be a responsible citizen. But, nevertheless, visiting foreign countries, we often are stunned with an incredible purity in some of them, while others are deterred with mess and dumps of garbage right on the streets and in public places. »»»  »»»
Garbage collection in different countries   Rubbish has long been a global problem: its overabundance leads to dire consequences facing the planet. Therefore, in each country people are trying to minimize the amount of garbage, using various methods. Garbage collection is an effective way to reduce waste, moreover — it saves resources for the production of new materials. Each country has its own system of recycling waste. »»»  »»»
Orchard and a children’s garden in the center of Kiev   Very original replacement of a waste dump appeared recently in the center of Kiev. At St. Michael’s Street, instead of an abandoned waste landfill, which for several years had been a so-called «decoration» of one of the courtyards of the street, sprung an orchard in the memory of «Heaven’s hundred». The territory of a half-hectare was assumed for the construction... »»»
Anti allergens cleaning   Your home is your safest place. For each person house is a place where there is warmth and comfort, here we relax after a hard working day. And of course we don’t want to suffer from allergies at our home. Many people suffer such unpleasant disease as allergies from: wool, dust, fungus, acarides and more. Pathogens such as dust, fungus, acarides live in your house as permanent neighbors. Another... »»»
Mediterranean-sized Cleaning   The all-familiar cleaning could be done in truly gigantic proportions, such as the seaside! Mediterranean region, which has dozens of countries on the coast, is one of the world’s most popular vacation spot. Annually millions of tourists come there. Because of so many travelers, for example, the number of microplastics exceeds the amount of plankton in the water. The authorities of individual... »»»
Garbage collection on Earth orbit   The problem of excess waste in the world has found a planetary character nowadays. From debris is suffering not only our planet, but also the Space. It would seem that the place in space is abound, but today, on the orbit of the Earth fly tons of garbage. NASA employees had developed an apparatus for cleaning waste, coming from orbital human activity. Actually, the idea of creating such a device... »»»
Choosing a cleaning company — how to avoid mistakes and find a reliable partner   Cleaning services in recent years has become increasingly popular among large enterprises in Ukraine. Banks, factories, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels are using more often services of specialists in this field. Typically cleaning companies offer a fairly wide range of services: cleaning of any complexity of objects of any size — from a small apartment or a simple carpet cleaning to... »»»
Cleaning the office   Nowadays most offices of the companies need to be cleaned on everyday basis that is why cleaning service is one of the most popular. There are lots of people who visit the office every day and it is very important to give a good first impression of visiting the office. The good impression of the office depends on clean and not dusty rooms, floor, and neat furniture in the office. »»»  »»»
«Steam wins it all!»   The world around us has enough threats for the health, and this is an obvious fact. Day by day people stop using chemical detergents in household cleaning. There is nothing unusual because chemical influence is one of the most harmful for human`s health, which has been already influenced badly by different negative effects. »»»  »»»
Having a washing vacuum cleaner at home   Home carpeting and soft furniture usually gets very dirty because of dust and dirt on the top. To do the deep cleaning You will need a washing vacuum cleaner as soon as regular one will not be able to remove a high level of impurities. Such vacuum cleaner is cross-functional because it can be used for damp furniture, sink, floor and window cleaning. It removes dirt that has already worn into... »»»
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