Penalties on Pledge of Purity!


Everyone understands how important it is to maintain cleanliness, not to throw away litter in the streets and to be a responsible citizen. But, nevertheless, visiting foreign countries, we often are stunned with an incredible purity in some of them, while others are deterred with mess and dumps of garbage right on the streets and in public places.

How to organize the purity at a state level? — This question was set by employees of DEN cleaning company because cleanliness is our specialty.

seafront of Singapore

To answer this question, we offer to your attention the example of a country which turned out from “Grubby urchin” into one of the cleanest countries in the world. We are talking about Singapore. Only 50 years ago, Singapore was a country where the streets were rotting and decayed with piles of garbage; where sticking to traffic regulations was considered the prerogative of “faint hearts”.

Today Singapore surprises tourists with cleanliness of streets, great order in the subway, immaculate lawns and purity everywhere. And all that is thanks to the country’s system of stringent penalties for violation of this order. Prohibitions and penalties are that high, that guests of the country are not just surprised, but sometimes even frightened.

Some bans literally look absurd:

— Do not chew gum in the subway;

— Do not eat or drink in the subway;

— Do not spit on the street;

— Do not smoke in public places;

— Do not ash the cigarette on the sidewalk, and many-many others.

Penalties for violations of the rules of cleanliness sometimes reach thousands of dollars. Purity control is accomplished by thousands of cameras and police officers in civilian clothes, so to go unpunished for disregard of rules in Singapore is almost impossible.

Rules of Singapore

Why Singapore had to implement such strict rules? Back in 1968 the Singapore authorities had a mass advertising campaign, which explained how well is to maintain cleanliness in the city, they published the statistics of deaths of drunk drivers, but it did not lead to visible results. Only huge fines have become an effective tool against bad manners of the population.

Today in Singapore subway you cannot find gum, on the streets there’s no paper garbage and packaging from food and drinks; in public sanitary rooms it’s always clean, and cigarette ends lie only in the street litter bin.

The fines in Singapore have established all-round purity in the country; cleanliness is where you do not mess! Moreover, fines had even instilled into new generation of Singaporeans a love to cleanliness. After all, cleanliness became fashionable in this country.

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