Professional cleaning of enterprises

Every enterprise, even being involved in industrial sphere, has its own hard-to-reach places. In those places there is not dirt only but there are also a lot of harmful agents, which can harm human organism. The best example is an air vent, which is in every premise and is cleaned rarely.

To get rid of such impurities You should have high-qualified employees, special equipment and cleaning detergents. Only very rich companies can afford to hold such a brigade on everyday service, most often companies use industrial cleaning service.

Industrial cleaning possibilities

The territory, where companies specialized on cleaning of complicated impurities work, is divided to four main groups. First group is a chemical cleaning of different equipment and systems. Usually specialists work with boilers, steamers and freezers. If professionals clean all these equipment in time, it will work longer. Talking about cleaning the systems, we talk about vent and system for cold and hot water regulation, heating system of the whole building, canalization, garbage disposal and etc.

Let`s take as an example the heating system. If you have ever tried to remove the air from it, you saw how dirty the water from the pipe was. If you don`t clean the system with a special solution, the impurities will spread and block the pipe. All the dirt and corrosion could occur in the middle of your office or manufactory.

Second group of industrial cleaning works is cleaning places that are hard-to-reach. In simple premises it is usually wall, ceiling, window, stained-glass window and etc. Cleaning tall racks and different equipment is a regular work in industrial cleaning field, for example, cleaning the conveyors or cisterns. Also, employees from a cleaning company can do cleaning of the front of a building and lantern cleaning. Special skills of industrial high-altitude cleaning will be used for cleaning the most hard-to-reach places.

Third group in which employees from cleaning company are involved is cleaning premises of different type and their disinfection. This service has few categories. Cleaning can be general, “spring”, everyday cleaning, one-time cleaning, post-construction cleaning and etc. It is possible to order cleaning of one concrete room or premise or the whole building. Qualified employees will clean and bring everything in order in regular premises, in bathrooms, toilets, places for eating and etc.

Depending on enterprise specialization, special detergents are used. For example, working in the place where usually some food is cooked or food products are produced, it is prohibited to use any type of detergents that consist of high acidity and alkalis and of many others toxic agents.

Fourth group is a special services that company provides. Industrial cleaning is not only placing everything in order and cleaning all the hard-to reach places. If it is necessary,  cleaners can do chemical cleaning of any flooring (tablets, PVC, linoleum and etc.), it is also possible to ask for safety cover, for example, on parquet.

Top-class cleaning companies are able to recover some surfaces, made from natural stone.

Advantages of industrial cleaning

As it was mentioned before, possibility to have your own cleaning brigade is very unprofitable, because You need to provide them with work for the whole month to be effective. Actually, this service is necessary to be done not less than once a year or once a  month, depending on type of company specialization. Of course regular everyday cleaning can be done by one cleaning lady, who does not need a high qualification level, special equipment and industrial alpinism skills, though it will never be as effective, as professional cleaning service.

Industrial cleaning service allows providing ecological and sanitary regulations to almost every premise in short period of time. This will save personnel health and will make the equipment last longer, also it helps to save your business from potential problems with sanitary inspections.

For professional cleaners there is no extremely dirty premise. Even if general cleaning has not been done since soviet times J, for cleaning company this task is doable.

There are used modern and safe for human health detergents during cleaning works. They can be divided in two main types:

probiotics – structures which are able to dissolve any organic impurities and provide the bacteriologic protection;
isolator – structures which are able to remove all the impurities and do not influence the  environment and doing no harm for dirty surface.


The importance of industrial cleaning can be characterized by high demand on it. During this year, the quantity of companies who ordered this service has increased for 60%. This tendency has its place during the last few years.