Run after two hares to catch BOTH

According to the rating of the most polluted cities in the world, 6 of the 10 «ecologically dangerous cities» are situated in India. Smog, dust, dirt is a standard air composition in India cities. In addition, the vast population of the country absorbs oxygen, giving back carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

Metropolis of India

Government sought for an economical and efficient way to improve the environmental situation in the country. And the solution was found. It can improve not only the state of the environment, but also will partially solve the problem of unemployment. The solution is simple: the government of India will hire the unemployed aged 15 to 24 years, which (and this is more than 300 thousand young people) will drop to 2 billion (!) trees.

Landing trees will be held at the roads’ outskirts. Trees were decided to be droped there, because the total length of roads in the country is more than 100 000 kms. In addition, planting trees along roads will improve the situation in the agricultural sphere, because significantly fewer harmful emissions will fall on fields. The trees planted along the city roads, will constitute an “oxygen filter” for citizens.

Recent studies have shown that the leaves of the trees in the process of photosynthesis not only absorb carbon dioxide, returning pure oxygen to the environment, but also can hold dust and dirt particles. Therefore, landing of 2 billion trees in India can significantly improve the quality of air across the country. Besides, it’s a great opportunity to employ a huge number of unemployed people.

planting a tree

Cleaning company «DEN» sincerely hopes that these methods will be applied also in Ukraine, making our country cleaner!