Сleaning windows is easy!

For some people cleaning a window might be a problem, for the others – it is not a problem at all. If you do a window washing hard you can get fast and effective result. you need to buy in any household shop a special tool for the glass, which is called wiper. It is better and more comfortable in use while doing all works connected with regular window wiping, instead of using cloth or papers.


You will also need just a regular and sharp sponge, cleaning detergent, water container and a piece of dry cotton cloth.

First of all you need to take out all the unnecessary items from the window ledge and put some water in the bucket to fill it to the half, add to it a bit of a detergent. Damp the entire glass surface carefully and start wiping the glass from its top. Push with a finger, to the glass and frame edge, and with dynamic movements wipe all the glass around its edges. There is usually the biggest quantity of dirt.

You should also remove dirt with a help of strainer on outside side of the window. The strainer should be wiped with dry cotton cloth because you will see stains on the glass. You can also use it for small spots or dirty lines removal. With a help of dry duster you can finally wipe the glass again because there can be still left some water drops. Do not forget that using the duster is enough for cleaning the slope and window ledge from dirt.