Snow removal in Kiev. We are trusted by the Central Railway Station

If the company works at a certain piece of land, it is obliged to keep it in a certain condition, and not to degradation of the city’s image.

Kyiv Central Railway Station

Kyiv Central Railway Station

In the last year’s winter commercial structures became obliged with a new rule — to provide snow removal on their own. If an area stays uncleared from snow — the «punishment» will come (the fine). Of course, this needs to be monitored, so the authorities have set up inspection teams, which in the case of violations will issue warnings. If they establish the fact of malicious evasion, the company will become a subject to a fine.

Snowfalls that have struck Kiev not long ago will boost public coffers to about seven hundred thousand UAH from the companies who are not able to clean the snow in time.

We can say modesty  that the services of cleaning companies in the winter is a real salvation for the companies, because all the concerns about purity of the object moves into the category of obligations of service providers under the contract conditions. The cleaning company will select the cleaning personnel, purchase expensive tractors and other necessary equipment, organize and supervise the cleaning, and most importantly — to take out a huge snow mountain out of the territory.

It is noteworthy that the more and more clients choose the services of cleaning companies. Thus, recently a number of objects that already cooperate with DEN joined the Kiev Central Railway Station.

Trust of our clients is very valuable, so we will make every effort so that our well-deserved reputation over the years of work continued to stay good.