Some advices for You to make Your kitchen clean

Kitchen equipment requires very gentle and accurate care and cleaning, because most of that equipment is very expensive nowadays. Good and regular care will make it look better inside and outside, and will also work longer. That is why we decided to share our advices about taking care of kitchen equipment and of kitchen in general.


If you want Your microwave to look like new, You can add some water to coffee cup and put in it a couple pieces of lemon. Put the cup in the microwave for 2-3 minutes. When You will turn off the microwave, leave the cup with lemon solution for 3-4 minutes more, without opening the microwave.

After that You should clean a microwave inside with warm soap water, to remove all the remnants.

It is also necessary to clean the top of microwave and dry it up with duster for dish cleaning. Dry up everything else inside the microwave.

Coffee machine:

After long usage coffee machine may work worse if you don`t take care well of it, morning coffee will become worse.

Here is one of the most effective ways of taking care after the coffee machine.

Add to coffee machine 2-3 cups of water and same quantity of white vinegar.

In the middle of cycle, turn off the machine for one hour. Then turn it on for the whole cycle.

Then it is better to add water to remove the vinegar smell. Finally, you can make Your coffee with a great pleasure!


Turn it off before cleaning. Take out all the shelves and cases, they need to be washed separately.

Add to warm water 2 spoons of regular baking soda or solution for cleaning the dishes and clean all surfaces inside. After that clean them with clean water and dry with clean fabric.

Clean all the cases and shelves with warm water in a sink, and then dry them. Close the fridge and wipe sides and door rubbers.

To clean the door handles, You need one spoon of dish cleaning detergent and add it to one liter of water. You don`t have to rinse this solution with clean water.


Vegetables oil and dirt flock on the surface (and in air filter) stay, despite the regular cleaning of the reactor.

Presoak gas-jets of the stove on the grate in warm water and dish cleaning solution for five minutes. Use soft duster, so You will be able to remove all the leftovers, then wash it off. Wipe the grate with dry fabric. Be very careful with cast iron. It can get rusted if it will not be totally dry.


Take out stands (and movable steel supports) and presoak them in the sink or bathroom with soap solution. Use soft duster with low sharpness to remove all leftovers and ash.

If your oven has self-cleaning function, turn on the cleaning cycle. If it doesn’t have this function, use the instructions from manufacturer for cleaning  Your oven, to avoid its possible damage.

While self-cleaning cycle is done, use the soft fabric to remove ash from an oven. Wipe the oven with a damp fabric to finish the stove cleaning.