«Steam wins it all!»


The world around us has enough threats for the health, and this is an obvious fact. Day by day people stop using chemical detergents in household cleaning. There is nothing unusual because chemical influence is one of the most harmful for human`s health, which has been already influenced badly by different negative effects.

Instead of detergents with lots of chemicals, professional cleaning company DEN uses the new ecological service — steam cleaning. This cleaning is done with a help of hot steam. Such type of cleaning removes impurities and does it as effective as qualified household detergents. It is also important that steam cleaning is safe for kids and people who have an allergy.

After clothes were processed with a steam, harmful microorganisms are removed. A special issue is that steam cleaning is a kind of prophylaxis against length diseases.

It is also important to take into account the effectiveness of cleaning. It is not a secret that doing the cleaning by traditional method you can remove only impurities from the top of the object, and new cleaning method can remove all kinds of impurities and kill all the bacteria. Cleaning with a steam works with every material on different surfaces:

  • removes dust  from open surfaces;
  • cleans the curtains, draperies, louver shutters, net curtains;
  • cleans soft furniture carefully from dust, sand and animal hair;
  • kills acarids, which live in soft furniture, pillows and mattress.

It is hard to imagine that steam cleaning can easily manage with all of the impurities like lime scale, dirty fridge, in the bathroom or in the microwave. But with a help of steam these surfaces can be cleaned easily and all the bacteria are removed. Using a steam cleaning, you will save your health and deal with an absolute purity.