Summer and spring — is a great time to clean fronts and show-cases!

Summer has already come! All the nature around has become more beautiful and fresh: trees and bushes became green and blooming, the carpet of green grass has decorated parks and parkways. Cities became more jungle-looking because of new grass and trees. But there are not many parks on city territory, 80-90% of a city – is a residential realty and commercial real estate.

However, some residential realty or commercial real estate: accommodation units, office buildings, trade centers and shops, have huge glass coverage.

“DEN” cleaning company cleans fronts and show-cases in offices effectively and in time, we also clean big commercial real estates. When talking about modern city architecture, it has become very popular to cover buildings with glass design, because of increased demand in professional cleaning of high buildings.


Fronts and show-cases cleaning is a traditional service in spring and summer seasons that is why now, when sun is shining brighter, residual dirt, dust and streaks became more visible. Commercial real estate owners and renters are interested in cleaning the front, building glass coverage, windows, so the building will attract citizens with its clear appearance.

Spring-summer season – is the most convenient time for cleaning service connected with outside and front works, for cleaning buildings, windows, show-cases from dirt and impurities. If you need to clean only few windows on the entry level, this work surely can be done by your own facilities. But if your building is a huge office center constructed with glass and concrete, that will be tough to clean it only with a help of simple cleaners. That is why it is better to ask for professional cleaning service.

All over the world front cleaning is usually made by specially trained brigade, who use special equipment and cleaning chemicals. In “DEN” company there is a special brigade that does elevated works in any city in Ukraine. Our employees from elevated works department are real professionals and have a huge experience in providing cleaning service on different altitudes.

Regular outside surfaces cleaning of your building will help not only systematically support its outside appearance but will also extend some materials expiration date it was build of. All that will help to postpone the possible repairs. While doing the cleaning of front of the building, we can notice some beginnings, and to clean all the salt streaks if there are such.

The visual result, of course, will make your day better, because the building will get a new life, with fresher and brighter appearance and will definitely shine under the sun. Moreover, after professional cleaning, dirt will not stick to the surfaces so often like it did before, it will slide from the surface, leaving the building front with the same nice appearance, just as after the cleaning.

“DEN” cleaning company provides front cleaning service, windows and show-cases cleaning. We have all the necessary equipment and technical machines to do the elevated works that is why our specialists can clean windows while working on any height and still do their quality works.

We are always glad to give our clients any information they need to make your building look clean and respectable, which attracts citizens.