Supermarket cleaning

Firstly, supermarket – is a huge store of products and other goods.  Exactly off the supermarket and hypermarket shelf food goes right to the customers` tables and fridges. How the “food house” should look like, so that mothers won`t be scared to buy there something for their children?

Of course, the main factor is cleanness. That is quite easy to gain customers` trust if every single thing in a store is clean and tidy, especially the shelves and some surfaces where food is sold.

Cleanness and hygiene should be maintained in a supermarket, all the surfaces should sparkle and there should be no other smells, mold or insects.

It is not easy to hold in cleanness a big premise, which is continuously visited by people. To do that you have to hire your own professional cleaning service, that will actually work 24 hours per day. In such case that is necessary to hire employees, who will work in 2 turns.  The other question – is to change a worker, who has got sick; to buy and keep the cleaning remedies and many other questions which should be solved to make the store clean. But all these questions can be solved very professionally and fast by the specialized cleaning company.

During the day few or more employees (depending on how big the store is) should clean the premise “non-stop”, because people who come in from the street, make surfaces dirty and dusty. That is why surfaces need to be washed for a couple times per day. The weather conditions outside also should be taken into account: either it is raining or snowing, cleaning should be more intensive and often.  While emergency cases happen (visitors or working staff has broken or spilled something and etc.) that is good to have the cleaner available, who will remove the garbage and wash dirty surfaces.

The Client will not appreciate dust on the shelves that is why it is so important to clean all the showcases and counters. All the glass and metallic surfaces should be polished to shine regularly. Entrance should be watched carefully: doors, carpets and stairs near the entrance should be clean and safe; dirt-absorbing carpets near the entrance should be regularly changed.

In addition to those facilities that are available to visitors of the store or shopping center, warehouse, manufacturing and technical facilities should also be kept clean at the highest level. Therefore, there should also be cleaning.
But the everyday cleaning is not enough. It is also important to carry out high-quality spring cleaning to help prevent odors on the packaging of goods in the warehouse, wash the kitchen premises, just take care of the removal of pests and rodents, ventilation of rooms, wash the air vents, etc. The recommended frequency of general cleaning is about 1 time per week. This time is optimal to eliminate pollution sources and odors to provide always presentable look of goods on the shelves. Most often, general cleaning in the shops and supermarkets is held at night, when the store is not working or the number of visitors turns to a minimum.
It is quite important to systematically make spring cleaning of the shopping areas: to clean out all the flooring, disinfect, remove dirt from hard-to-reach places, wash the windows and walls. General cleaning, which is carried out with clear intervals will not only help maintain the premises and trading rooms clean, but also may help to postpone the duration of the repair works. Since the surfaces are kept clean, they will require repair and replacement far less often.
Another type of cleaning services is one-time works, which are usually held at the beginning of the season, or as needed:
— Work at height and rope access;
— Cleaning of carpets and linoleum;
— Washing windows, facades and storefronts;
— Disinfection, rodent control, etc.
If the store will only be open, another type of cleaning is required for a supermarket, a cleaning after building. Cleaning after building of the supermarket may concern walls, windows, ceilings, floors and surfaces of commercial equipment, in order not to leave any traces of building materials and odors.
At the stage of opening the store it is important to calculate the needs for daily cleaning and general cleaning, selecting the appropriate cleaning company as a contractor. This will allow you to focus on the direct control of the main business, rather than matters of dirty windows or floors.

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In the cleaning company «DEN» there is an understanding that today every client needs a superb rendering of cleaning services, starting from the quality of works performed and until ability to agree on comfortable timing and form of payment. If you will call us, you will feel what is a real customer care and true professionalism. You can also request a call back from our website, and our manager will call you back at a convenient time for you.
Sincerely yours, cleaning company «DEN».