Taking care for industrial carpeting


To maintain cleanness inside the premise, you can leave a small carpet before the entrance, which will absorb the dirt. You can also use different types of dry foam or shampoo to maintain a good condition of industrial carpeting inside the premise. For deeper and spot cleaning, you can use strong vacuum cleaner with turbo brush.

If impurities are deep and long-term, it is better to use a washing vacuum cleaner, which is the best decision for people with pets. Spots on industrial carpet also can be removed with a help of soap liquid and special detergent.

There are some rules for spot removal:

  • Cleaning the spots should be done from corners to the center of the spot.
  • Dirty areas should be soaked by a napkin or paper towel.
  • To remove a spot it is possible to use just a duster or wet sponge, after that you need to wash the area carefully with clean water and give it some time to dry. If the spot from paint, corrosion or shoe crème is still there, you should better ask professionals from cleaning company to help you.  

It is possible to remove all other spots by yourself, but if you wish everything to be done by professionals, than ask for the cleaning company specialists to do this work. It will surely save your time and mood.